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Post AFASG13 Post

I didn't really know where to post this but since I have a blog here, might as well use it.

AFASG13 marks the debut of our little circle in an event, and it was a memorable and really different and exciting one! Every other year we were excited about going around, buying merch, meeting cool cosplayers and guests that they bring in but this year I was entirely excited and nervous about something totally different.

We managed to get a booth and we named ourselves Kamikiya by putting our names together. It was an enriching experience and I learnt a lot about business, being prepared and a lot of things in general. There were a lot of people who helped us and supported us, and I really really couldn't thank them enough.

Everyone was so nice and such angels and there were a lot of really cute people we met in the event that gave us a moral boost. It was really nerve-wrecking how each person passes by your booth and look at what you have to offer, and to be honest, I was panicking on the first day when we first sold something. It felt good and I feel proud of my very talented friends.

It was a pity that I wasn't the artist and I was merely helping the rest out in selling them at the event. We received a lot of praises about the art and stuff and I really wish I could convey their love and praises to our artists properly TuT I will work hard as well and hopefully contribute to this circle more in future. Thank you my slaves, you've all worked really hard.

There was a lot I learnt this year, and definitely tells a lot about myself and all the planning I've failed to do. Hopefully the next event, if we do do it, we will be able to work harder and bring better products to everyone. I'm really really really thankful to everyone who has helped us out and supported us TuT

You guys are truly the angels in my life!!!

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