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Chock Full Of Beans @ Changi Village

Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village 

Address: Blk 4 Changi village road #01-2090, Singapore, Singapore 500004
Tel: 6214 8839
Operating Hours: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Rating: ★★★★☆
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 person, we spent $24/ea after splitting bill)


I live in the West and travelling ALL THE WAY TO CHANGI VILLAGE WAS A KILLER. 

Located in the neighbourhood in a very corner of all corners, I think Chock Full of Beans is a very cosy place and pretty decent place to dine in. At least the people there were friendly and smiling, and the place is well-ventilated and I like their tables and chairs (lol) 

It's a bit tinyyyyyyy so I think reservations are definitely recommended, or you could put down your name and number and walk around (nope, there's nothing around) while you wait. 

I only ate the Sasuage Rosti one and I really liked it! The menu is pretty limited, but I think it's more than enough for a brunch place. PLUS, i thought it wouldn't be filling but after eating, I was REALLY full lol.  

The Strawberry shortcake was REALLY yumz. I like the cream a lot and the cake is really fuwa fuwa (fluffy) and soft. I think they draw random stuff for you, so I guess you'll get a pleasant surprise when your cake is served. Ours was Blossom from Powerpuff Girls, omg childhood. 

KEY POINT OF THE CAFE IN MY OPINION. Really cool and well done coffee art omg. The Minnie Mouse looks REALLY accurate. And HOLYSHIT my 3D neko (cat) one was REALLY COOL. This has to be done by Boss though, so I think they do limit it to only ONE per table - or was it two - and you can't make a request, Boss will make a random one for you. Every other drink though, gets a randomly drawn 2D art. Perhaps if you come on a Weekday where it isn't packed, you might get your request fulfilled? Lol. But Thankfully, I got something I wanted hehe. 

It was REALLY cute so I was determined NOT to ruin the cat while I sipped on the coffee carefully. And lol, I succeed (clap clap) \o/ 

It was a really and enjoyable brunch! The distance was worth it I guess, but I probably wouldn't go back there again if no one's driving lol. But ofc, without a car, this place is still really accessible - You can drop at Tanah Merah MRT and take a bus down to Changi Ter. (or rather, the stop before and cross the street). 

After brunch, you can even go Cycling or just chill by the seaside - ofc, with the incoming haze, I wouldn't recommend that. But hey, if it's a clear day, cycling is a good workout (which was what we did and now my legs feel jelly-ish). 

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