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Some very useless buy

I swear packaging will be the death of Wallet-kun one day. Walked into Watsons the other day > stopped by the make up shelves > walked out with a Bison Japan Sweet Salon Charming Girl Eyeliner (Bitter Chocolate) and also the new KATE base thing - the one that turns into powder from liquid in like... idk 15seconds? But not going to review that today~

Bison Japan Sweet Salon Charming Girl Eyeliner

By the looks of packaging, it looks REALLY cute, and it wasn't THAT expensive (can't remember but I think definitely within $20, gomen, I'll check and update this part next time) and since I wanted something brown for my eyes instead (or I'll look too fierce) so I decided to try it out!

It's dual side, one side liquid, the other side powder. I like the concept a lot. Like the typical Singaporean I am, 2-in-1 is always better than 1. Confirm jump in and buy one larh (jkjk). I thought it was pretty cool to have 2 functions in one pen and it looked convenient enough for a lazy person like me so I took it home~

The Liquid Tip vs the Powder Tip
Basically.................. The liquid tip is, well, too thick LOL. The liquid comes out A LOT and it's scary because the brush isn't THAT THIN either, and it felt like a tsunami on my eyes when I applied (joking, maybe just a small wave) and it felt REALLY wet and like a bother to wait for it to dry. PLUS, it doesn't dry that fast, and it smudges really fast too OTL 

The powder side was slightly more useful, I like the tip and how it's easy to draw those eyeshadow-ish effect, but like the liquid side, the powder doesn't stay long either. It drops off really fast (max 2-3 hours in this Singapore heat) and it smudges and makes a mess??

but either way, have a photo of how it looks like?

In my honest opinion, I think this was a pretty wrong choice, I feel cheated by the packaging. It's pretty okay, and I like the powder part, but for someone like me who have to walk a lot to stations, to work, to places, and in this Singapore heat, smudging is a big no no. I sweat a lot easily too, and then everything just idk end up REALLY messy in the end sobs. I don't know if it'd work better on someone else, but I doubt I'll ever recommend this to my friends tbh :<

But SOBS since I bought it, I think I'll still use this but definitely not the liquid side.......

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★☆☆

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