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Or more like nobody knew I was gone anyway ww. It has been a long time since last update and a lot happened - most importantly, my previous laptop finally decided to die on me. It was already lagging REALLY bad and stuff and I wasn't too particular about that, but that ONE DAY, it decided to shut down on me and no matter how many times I try to turn it back on, it won't :\ I'm guessing something might have burnt out inside or something. The next day it worked, but only for a couple of hours and then it died again.

As much as I am excited about a new laptop, I REALLY dread the whole re-installation process, backing up and stuff like that. And comparing specs and stuff was a huge hassle too. I could really just send the laptop for servicing and upgrading, but after thinking through, I choose to  buy a new one anyway (who doesn't like new stuff anyway).

And so I've been stuck for 4-5 days trying to set things back up but I'm probably at the 25% mark only. Oh well. This is so troublesome ahhhhhhhhh. Anyway, I bought an Asus Ultrabook just in case anyone wanted to kaypoh, hahahhaha jk.

Other good stuff that happened in May was DEFINITELY Music Matters. Horycrap, I mean I GOT TO MEET FLUMPOOL AND IT IS FREE. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG. It was a really great event imo, I went a bit earlier and listened to The Chairman (Taiwan band) and fell in love with them too, LOL. Either way, I was really excited to see Flumpool and S.I.D. and omg it was such a blast!!! Listening to them LIVE and on digital is WAYYYYYYY different. Their vocals are amazing, music amazing, and best of all - the atmosphere was AMAZING. I was screaming and singing along at the top of my lungs, and by the end of that short gig, I totally lost my voice OTL It was really really really fun though! I hope more of my favourite jrock/jpop bands would come over to Singapore :(

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