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一白遮三丑 (yi bai zhe san chou) literally means One White Cover Three Ugly. Which 3 ugly, who knows. But since my grandma always say 女孩纸应该白白胖胖的 (girls should be fair and fat - literally white white fat fat) so I've always been aiming to become fair, and fat (no, i didn't aim to be, I merely am).

Either way, being fair in Singapore is SO HARD. Look at that horrible sun and all the heat every afternoon!! Plus, during lunch we gotta travel back and forth our new and old office, and the sun is REALLY horrible I tell you. And without proper sun-block and skin care product, tbh, I think I grew at least 1-2 shades darker in less than a month (which doesn't happen usually since I become fair pretty easily even if I tan). I WAS HORRIFIED. Whatever happened to 白白胖胖, I was 黑黑胖胖!!

Jokes aside, I was using Biore's sunblock previously but I decided it wasn't really good enough anymore, and I've been setting my eyes on Aqualabel for the longest time, and I finally caved in and bought their sunblock after considering over it for almost a month.

SPF 50+ \o/ It's watery when you squeeze it out, and it gets absorbed really fast! What I like about it is that there's no "oily" feel to it, and it's not like my face would be really sticky or something after using it (which is VERY important) And it brightens up the skin too, which acts as a very good base if you're the type like me who can't be bothered with make-ups ^ ^

And when I saw they had some whitening pack (3-in-1 box) I bought it immediately along with their sunblock. Not sure if it's still available as a pack now, but I think their product is really good at whitening omg (includes whitening toner, Emulsion, lotion/milk). Have been using it on and off once every few days (too lazy for daily application) and I must say it works really good! My skin got lighter, uneven skin-tone improved and my dark spots and stuff got lightened too!! It's really moisturizing too and it does make the skin have the QQ feel (lol).

Oh, But this product is really targeted at whitening and stuff only, so if you're looking for pore solutions or pimple scar, those kind of things right, I think this product itself wouldn't be enough, you'd probably have to use something else besides this to fix pore/blackheads issues (which I might blog about in another post later if I have the time lol)

So there you go, another expensive post of mine. I shall continue to work hard on becoming as fair as Sadako. Yosh.

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