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Tony Moly Eggpore Blackhead out Oil Gel

Recently jwen went to Korea so I asked her to help me get some skincare products!!

Tony Moly Eggpore Blackhead out Oil Gel

Details Of The Product Here
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It's only ₩8,800 if you buy from Korea itself, THAT IS LESS THAN SGD$10!!!! I honestly think if you're getting this, you can just buy it online to save a little ^^ otherwise, you can buy them in stores too if you don't mind paying a bit more than what you could have gotten it for.

But that aside, here's some photos of it.

 I think.... the packaging is really cute, but honestly very redundant hahahhaa. I mean the whole top part is really just........................... nothing. And the packing somehow is a bit messy to deal with? Or maybe I'm just too clumsy for it. Either way, once you opened the cap up, you can see the gel inside, with bits of golden/orangey beads that will create the scrubbing effect later on! 

Basically, just letting you see how it looks when used. Yup. 

I've never really used blackhead removal products before, probably only the biore nose strip thing and previously some facial foam that I cannot even remember their brands but either way, those were pretty useless I guess. So this time I invested in a "proper" blackhead product and I guess it worked pretty well? 

The smell is sweet and when you start rubbing the gel onto your face you could feel the beads inside as though you're really scrubbing it with something (ofc you are scrubbing it with something, what am I even talking about). But it does take quite a bit of time for the whole scrubbing process, and after washing off the gel you can instantly feel like your skin is a bit smoother and blackheads removed! So it does work, but I guess most blackhead products work that way isn't it. 

Idk, i'm always skeptical about blackhead removal products I mean since the results isn't that permanent , you probably have to use this scrub every 2-3 days to remove blackheads and stuff. Cos' after not using it for 2-3 days my pores are slowly getting clogged and I could see some blackheads already, and being the lazy me, I think I probably wouldn't be dedicated enough to use it every other day (probably just once a week /lazy). 

I would say I liked it, except for the fact that the packaging is really a pain to deal with, I tend to mess up with the cap and can't really close it properly OTL Hopefully with consistent usage, the blackheads issue would improve even more!

Starting to try the Laneige Sleeping Mask now! Shall post my thoughts about it another day.

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