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Oops, the wallet died.

Nah, it didn't really die, I just got obsessed with Phantasy Star Online 2 recently and forgot all about blogging. I have a pile of things I had wanted to post before but totally forgot about them cos' of this game.

 it's a really fun game, but my friends and I are definitely playing it for the wrong purposes hahahaha. We play it like a dress up game instead and run around lobby doing nonsense, playing and fooling around. But!!! The graphics and game design is REALLY good, totally my type. 

Look at my kawaii shota in-game ww 

Besides, since it's Quests based, it's ideal for people like me cos' i wouldn't need to kill brain cells trying to strategise (no LoL for me ^^;;) and it's pretty easy to understand and navigate around. The only issue is it's a Japanese game (lol) but there's a non-official English patch floating around anyway ^^

So well, this post is just to revive this blog (pimp PSO2) and to remind myself that I will have to update here from now on. 

Ja ne~

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