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Swee Choon Dim Sum Go Go!!

Swee Choon Dim sum @ Jalan Besar S208882

Monday to Sunday : 6 pm to 6 am
Close on Tuesday
Payment mode : Cash and NETS

Rating: ★★★★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★
(the more you eat, the lower stars it will have, js, since it isn't buffet hahahahhaha) 

Finally got the chance to try the dim sum at Swee Choon!!! I've been hearing a lot about it and how it's a good place to hang out for late night supper but i've never been there personally boo. 4 person, each at about $17 each, I guess that's pretty reasonable~

Today got the chance to go there with jwen yrui and ting!! It was superrrrr filling and super yummy! Ofc the place wasn't that accessible, but a small walk wouldn't hurt since it helps digest all the food we ate! 

Basically we pigged out and ate a lot of yummy dim sum!! 

Red bean paste......sth. I forgot the name. 

Imo the Xiao Long Bao was REALLY good. I really liked it and the soup tasted good. One thing i dont like about XLB thou is when you leave them to chill for a bit and the skin sticks to your teeth?? Not sure if im the only one, but i tend to get annoyed by it lol

Egg tart is good too! The middle is really soft and really fragrant~ almost wanted to eat another one hehe

I super love the filling in this yam ball! It's not too sweet and the filling doesn't overwhelme the taste of the yam outside either, I would say it's a perfect combi. Definitely my personal favourite tonight. 

I liked how the carrot cake is really soft and the sides are superrrrr crispy!! It's like the thing melts in your mouth but yet it's crunchy at the same time! Definitely go really good with the chilli (i choked on it though lol) 

This fresh prawn roll is SUPER GOOD. The crispy fried beancurd skin outside is really crispy (duh) and the filling is really fresh and every bite is just prawns, prawns, prawns and more prawns! Totally worth a try imo. 

First time tasting liu sha bao too!! Was really surprised that it wasn't that sweet like i imagined, in fact, it was really good! And ofc a warning that you need to eat this with caution or you'll be caught in a mess (or unglam situation lol) 

And lastly we finished off dinner with a Mango Pomelo Sago~ 

Very sweet and very sour but nonetheless, a very refreshing dessert to end the dinner. 

This week gonna go to the zoo!! Hopefully it'll be a fun trip and i hope the weather will be good, like not too hot and not raining (kinda hard but im praying hard too!!!)

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