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Just came back from their concert today, SUPER DUPER KILLER O M F G.
I hope they come back again next year and I will DEFINITELY GO AGAIN.

The stage effects was beautiful!!!! A brilliant use of space and LED screens to create a lot of really cool effect, the whole atmosphere was just crazy high and so beautiful! ALSO THE LIGHTSTICK IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING -SCREAMS- I mean I thought it was just a lightstick that can change colour BUT WHO KNEW, THE LIGHTSTICK CHANGED COLOUR BY ITSELF. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?????? I think it might be wirelessly controlled or something but it was REALLY COOL that all we did was switch it on, and then the WHOLE STADIUM WERE ONE COLOUR. TOO PRETTY. It looked REALLY touching and beautiful omg, i almost wanted to tear at so many parts ;A;

Hearing them live is the BEST THING EVER. How do I even listen to digital format from now on ;A; Ah xin's voice is beautiful, powerful, and the greatest!! Jia Jia was here as a guest too, her voice is so angelic and omg her notes and so beautiful I can't even describe how wonderful it is *A*

The clips in between were really cool. Jerry Yan and Lin Yi Cheng was acting in it, and there is so many so many so many deep meaning behind everything, and it was such a touching concert I just really want to just roll there forever and ever. So much feels, so much love, so many touching moments.

SOBS. Now i need to go drown in my post-concert feels.

Also, MP (MagicPower??) sounds pretty good, shall go check them out now. And also Rene Liu Lou Ying's new song, Yes, I do, is very nice too!!!

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