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My love-hate relationship with Cleaning.

Warning, this post serves no purpose at all but is just a random post. And being a Gemini, you will see my POV jumping everywhere and I'll keep contradicting myself. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. 

First off, I absolutely think Cleaning is a very healthy activity - you sweat like crazy, you feel accomplished after that, your whole room is sparkling clean at the end of the whole activity - it's a good activity for the mind, body, and soul.


Being a lazy bumbum, Cleaning is actually a secret hobby of mine, I like to clean and throw out old stuff, look through the stuff on my bookshelves and laugh at them all over again, dust off all the dust on my forever-not-going-to-be-unwrapped mangas and just, well, feel good after I finished cleaning.

But problem.

I only have the cleaning mood when it's like, midnight.

It's superrrrrr stupid when I start looking for things like the duster, the pails, the towels and shiz when it's like 12MN and my mum would flare up at me for doing stupid things at midnight and not going to bed - though, I personally think Cleaning should be encouraged.

But like i said, i'm a lazy bumbum.

Lazy bumbums do not clean often, and only does so when the "mood" comes (sounds really awkward calling it mood w) and that's where the hate comes in, o m g. When i start cleaning, i /clean/, meaning from corner to corner, dust-to-dust, i do not stop midway and that really takes a looooooong time. Longest I cleaned was almost 2-3 hours, I almost threw out my entire wardrobe and cleaned every freaking corner, snorts. It's also very annoying when you have really sensitive nose and you have to wear a suffocating mask when you clean which makes it really uncomfy when you sweat and stuff ;w;

Speaking of which, not just psychical cleaning, i like doing a comp clean up every couple of weeks too LOL. I like saving EVERYTHING onto my desktop in specific folders, and I absolutely hate organizing them, which is why I let them pile up on my desktop in random folders until that day of the month (or fortnight) and then I drag everything into their respective folders or recycle bin.

It's fun actually, looking through the nonsense you never knew you had and laughing at weird images you had saved back then and you have no idea why you did that... And at the same time, a pain in the ass cos' it takes so much time and effort to go through everything and classifying them TuT

Ah, my love-hate relationship with Cleaning...

I hope i'd be able to make this a habit though and develop a everlasting-love with Cleaning-kun and then we can live happily ever after in a sparkling clean house.

If only.

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