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Singapore Zoo + River Safari Throwback

After the mishap of the blogskin that I accidentally replaced and couldn't find anymore, I got stuck with this pink skin... I had totally forgotten that the previous time I logged on was to post the Zoo photos, laughs.

So here it is, Bro was the one who took the pictures and since he uploaded EVERYTHING onto Facebook, I shall just save some I thought looked pretty decent and then post them up here. Sigh I really really really like that Red Panda and wanna take it home ;___;

First off, from da zoo: 

I'm so lazy I didn't even put the same animals together, lol. Of course this wasn't all the animals there is, but these are the few that we managed to get decent photos of... The place started to get crowded from noon and getting a decent photo became pretty hard - PLUS - a few animals here and there were napping or hiding or simply just running around and we couldn't get photos Boo. 

And from the River Safari 

the very cute and fat and fluffy Kai Kai, don't ask me how to differentiate them, idk. 


Since the River Safari isn't fully opened yet, there isn't much things to look at that place yet, and also the traffic is pretty fine too, not as crowded as the Zoo, and the food is really cute too! The panda buns especially, really cute, and it's pretty yummy too (red bean paste)! I also bought a drink for the cup ^ ^

Since I'm lazy, I shan't elaborate or maybe I'll just add in another day....

Good night.  

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