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A great Friday and many nice experiences,

Friday was Sam's birthday and we went to Wild Honey to eat the Eggs Benedict that she was craving for. Tbh, i've never been there nor have I eaten it before so it was a pretty new experience. The shop's ambiance is really nice too and makes a really good hangout place. 

I was quite surprised how wonderful the Eggs Benedict tasted and how filling it was despite looking pretty small portioned. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE MUSHROOMS. I have no idea what mushroom that is but apparently it's used in the mushroom pasta that I really love at Dulcet too. I really liked this and maybe one day I'll bring others back to try as well hehe. 

There was this REALLY beautiful painting behind us and damn I was staring at it the whole time and so distracted that I feel really bad for Sam cos' half the time I was just staring at the strokes of the painting //// I made it a point to take a photo but I think if you really see the painting, it's really wayyyyy better. Gosh, if only I can ever paint something like this. If only. 

After dindin, Sam said she wanted to buy some Macarons and so we headed down to Taka to grab some. I've never eaten it before either since my impression was that it's reallyyyyyy sweet and I kinda don't really like too sweet and sugary stuff... But Sam was kind enough to sponsor me one so I had my first Macaron too *A* I picked a Pistachio one cos' I was convinced everything else would be too sweet for me, but who knows. The rest was Sam's and check out her colour scheme, it's the same LOL.

We hung out at the Starbucks near my house for a while since she wanted to make me eat the Macarons and also to chill and chit chat for a while and so we did. It was pretty funny how my cup came and dude there was a long-ass message on it. Usually they would write your drink's name, your name, or idk what else it could be but this was the first time I saw such a long message lol. And after finishing our drinks, we realized that they even drew moustache on the starbucks mermaid (?) lololol!!!! Tbh, it's quite a pleasant surprise, pretty interesting to see something different when you get your drink ;-)  

Lately, I realize that I'm starting to meet people individually instead of the whole group of people like before.. Sometimes, I think smaller is good, You get to talk more, engage more and feel more connected to each other. Plus, smaller groups means nobody would be left out and nobody would have to feel upset about something.. 

A lot of things happened recently and a lot of things changed, but I'm sure it'll all be okay in the end. Hopefully.

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