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I know it's kinda random, but it's actually not. I haven't had ramen in a long long long time and the other day I was just scrolling through my IG and woah, check out all the ramen I used to eat. Gosh. I miss Santouka, I really miss it. And there's so many other ramens that I haven't tried and well, this ramen craving needs to be satisfied.

And being the slight M i always am, here's a post dedicated to Ramen and let me just use this as an excuse to post ramen photos. The last time I ate ramen was a couple of months back... Omg...... I really really really really miss Ramen TuT

Santouka, my all time favourite, I really miss you so TuT 

I forgot where this was from, but it's at Basement of Raffles City. 

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