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[フル] SCREW 「CAVALCADE」 2013年11月06日発売

SCREW has a new song!!! And omg, everyone looks so great. A lot of comments were quite negative about this song, especially the spam of autotuning and how their music has changed ever since major but I think they're still the SCREW I like so I'll like them still!! I think I started listening to them since Ancient Rain or probably earlier, I can't remember but omg, I really want to see them live so badly.

Speaking of which, they're going to be attending Sundown Festival 2013, along with D=Out, you can find out more about the event here:

Tickets are pretty affordable, but I'm still thinking about it cos' this month was way over budget for me, and if I go, I REALLY want the VIP one so I can see them upclose... $138 is really affordable compared to those kpop concerts I've attended (laughs) but the only issue is it's a 8hours concert (dies) and there doesn't seem to be a schedule... Unless they don't wanna reveal it to avoid situation where an artist is performing with no audiences...

Oh well. I'll probably think about it and if my budget allows, I'm going even if alone!!! I'll definitely see SCREW!!!!!!! And I'm really excited about the AFA booths and end of year KL trip. I hope everything will go really well and I'll have a blast!

3 more weeks to tank until I get over this shitty month. 頑張ります!

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