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Tamoya Udon House

Editing a really old post to update more photos cos' i realize the photos I posted back in 2013 was pretty meh. Hahaha

Tbh i havent eaten much udon before, and one of the first few I ate was Tamoya and I am glad to say that thanks to them I'm now a fan! Lol 

Pretty affordable and yummy udon, you get a wild variety of udon selection and also side-dishes that you can add on~ 

Back in 2013, i was young (not) and broke (still am) and was introduced to Tamoya by a friend. We went to the Liang Court branch to dine together and I would say as a first-time-eating-udon, it was a great taste :9 

I have a thing for cold noodles so when I first visited, i ordered zaru udon, and the 2nd time i went, i ordered Sanuki which is some light soy sauce soup base i believe. 

The noodles are really chewy and really long (laughs) i like how chewy they are and it tastes really good too. 

They have curry udon, and a lot of other variation of udon there. In addition, you can also add-on your favourite(s) from their variety of tempura and fried ebi, chicken culet etc. I tried their shitake mushroom, was a bit cold but taste good still (i dont think the taste can diff too much huh) and also cutlet. Cutlet's a bit hard to chew but i think it would taste better if i didnt leave it to the last to eat. I do take a long time to eat noodles so i guess that could be why half my add-ons were getting cold by the time i ate it hahaha. 

Nonetheless, i guess it was pretty worth the price and try though the portion might look a bit small, when it really isn't. I think i'll go back there again and try other stuff on their menu ^_^ 

And now in 2015, i'm stuck on them and became a frequent customer LOL i really love their udon and definitely gonna go back for more :9 :9 :9

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