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Changes & A long whining post。

Honestly, I can't make up my mind on a template to use, so I am sticking to this for now because I like green, in particular, mint green and lime green. The header isn't really to my taste but I'm too lazy to do anything about it right now. Let's just do it... When I feel like it.

A lot had happened lately, the biggest change is probably my working hours are now adjusted from 10am to 7pm to help facilitate communication with my outsourcers and freelancers. Time zone difference is such a bitch tbh, sometimes I end up working till 8+ just to sort shit out with them and since most of them are from India, we have like a couple of hours in between o m g. But anyway, I had agreed to the adjustment without thinking much since I thought I could sleep in a while more, but then I realize the real issue...  I can never get home early anymore 囧囧囧 There goes my plan of reaching home by 7pm daily and going for a jog 囧

I really want to jog but jogging in the night alone is SUCH A SCARY THING. There's a jogging track at the canal behind my house and tbh, even at 8-9pm there's still people there but I'm REALLY not a fan of the dark (i sleep with lights on tbh). Urgh. Now I can decide to either wake up earlier everyday to go jog, or I can stay fat for life, which I doubt I want to... Or maybe I might.

But i'll try to work hard, mainly because of my horrible health and how I'm getting all sorts of allergic reactions and stuff, urgh. Life's such a pain sometimes, actually, all the time.

I've also finally started on Daomu, chinese novel, and this is REALLY bad because I keep reading and reading and reading and I can't stop at all. It's so exciting and so creepy at the same time, but damn, you wanna read more cos' it's so intriguing.

Nothing much happens nowadays that is worth being happy about, but going out with friends once in a while for a good meal is definitely a good thing. Met Sam yesterday and went to Ichiban Hoshi (?) for dinner and I DEFINITELY ordered too much. Or rather, I didn't know their portions were THIS huge.

Mama flew off to New Castle a couple of days ago, and to be quite honest, I'm jealous sobs. Everyone else is flying overseas for studies, for leisure and for idk what but I'm stuck here feeling more miserable than I am ytd and idk, sometimes I'm so tired I just wanna unwinddddddd. 

Made a pact with Sam to visit S.Korea next year. Let's save money and make this happen. 

Also i sincerely hope I can go to Comic Fiesta in KL this December... Time to find Kaki. 

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