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Laneige Sleeping Mask: Water Sleeping Pack_EX

I have no idea when I actually bought this, but well, jwen went to Korea back then and I thought I could ask her to buy for me ^_^ It was during the period when I bought that pretty useless egg pore thing. Okay, I found through that post that this was bought during April, lol.

Pretty decent stuff I must say. It absorbs well, smells good, and is really nice to use. Best of all, you do feel the water in your skin the next day when you wake up. Since Singapore's weather is so hot and humid and disgusting, putting this night mask once in a while is really nice.

I'm so lazy to talk about the benefits cos' I honestly don't know anything when I bought it and just bought it cos' I thought it looked pretty cool and yea, it smells really nice (lulz) so you can read up on it here if you would like: 

The price in Singapore is PRETTY steep, but I think you can use it for a couple of months so it's worth the price that you're paying for! It's definitely cheaper if you buy from Korea itself, so if you have a friend who's going, maybe you can ask them (poor friend though). 

Here's the deal: I have like 5-6 packs of samples, or maybe more... And I'm not sure if anyone wants them. If you would like to get a pack or two from me, let me know? 

There was some sale back then and I bought their Refiner and Emulsion thingy which I'll talk about next time if I remember and then we, being singaporeans, grabbed a handful of tester pack they had - and ofc, i didn't realize it was the same mask I had bought lulz.

I also have another sleeping mask that I like, which I think gives REALLY good results too, like visible stuff the very next day, and it's Naruko. I'll talk about it next time, if I can find the photos again and un-lazy myself...

Rating: ★★★★☆
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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