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Seiransai 2013 (星蘭祭) !

Finally it's time for the annual school festival by Waseda Shibuya Senior High School! They're located at West Coast and to be honest, I didn't notice this festival until like... Last couple of years. I went last year and it was a blast! Can't wait to go this weekend! 

It's their 23rd year holding this and I think this year's theme is FairyTale~ Last year's was time warp and I think their posters are REALLY cute. I think if anyone else is free, you should go check it out~ 

The students are really warm and nice and it's cool to see a class unite to put something up together and have fun together. This is probably something we can't experience in local schools. I don't know but i think events like this helps to build relationships and class bonds better lol, oh and leadership LOL. 

So anyway, here's some information I took from the original post
* Please wear Casual wear.
This means no slipper allowed !!!

How to reach there
By public transport:
You can take either SMRT Bus 189, SBS 30, SBS 51 or SBS 143

For SMRT Bus 189
To those who want to go from Clementi MRT station to the school:
You can taking bus 189 from Clementi MRT station (opp shopping centre) towards Kent Ridge. Alight at the 5th stop.
To those who want to go from Bukit Batok interchange to the school:
You take bus 189 from interchange. Alight at the 17th stop.

To check for the other bus service (SBS 30, SBS 51 and SBS 143), you can go to this link:
Admission to school, Buying of Food & Drinks
Everything is free except food and drinks. Purchase your food and drinks is first come first serve condition as they are being sold in coupon. So buy it asap. =)
If you guys got any questions about this, you can send me an pm/write here to ask me about it.
P.s. You can invite those who are interested too.

Hoho can't wait to go there and have fun~

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