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Hoshino Cafe

Suddenly saw a photo of the food we ate at Hoshino Cafe and decided to talk about it.

Located at the new side of Plaza Singapura at Dhoby Ghaut, i've always wanted to visit Hoshino Cafe since their pancake looked REALLY fluffy and yummy. Plus, the queue was always really long. Singaporean style : got queue means got deal (jk).

But anyway, last month i finally got a chance to visit the cafe for lunch with my bunch of taitais and i must say the food was pretty good! At least it was within my expectations ;3; 

We had a variety of food - i ordered Carbonara spaghetti, Sen ordered Omelette rice, Shizu and Rin bought sandwiches. We managed to order a 2-layer fluffy pancake too!! 

I must say the pancake was REALLY good, so fluffy and so soft ;u; it was warm and yummy too. The sandwiches, according to the rest, was pretty good and quite worth it (actually I think very expensive wor). The omelette was pretty simple, but according to Sen, pretty good too. Well, their Carbonara was.... Really thick and creamy. I think if you're a fan of creamy stuff it would probably suit your tastebud but nah, it was too creamy for me. It tastes good though but since it was a big portion, halfway through the meal, the taste was just too much to take :c 

I personally think if you're there for their 'cafe' menu, it's actually pretty pricing, but looking at how yummy all their things look, I think it is pretty okay and worth the try! Their main course are reasonably priced! But there isn't too much variety for main course. 

I wanna go back there again though! 

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