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Quick post on Poulet (Amazing French Roast Chicken)


Location: Vivocity, Chinatown Point, Bugis+, Jurong Point, Great World City

Saw another photo of food in my phone and decided to revive this dead space once again.

Poulet, actually Poulét, claims to have "amazing french roast chicken". Since it's french cuisine, I think the taste might just not be too appealing to some, but in general I think it is worth trying since i do like it quite a bit ^^ 

Above was the food my friends and I ordered. Mashed potato, fries, half baked chicken, sausages, and then also a tiramisu for dessert! 

I personally liked the Mashed potato and Chicken a lot! The mashed potato is pretty dry and doesn't have any sauce on it, which wasn't quite like the normal ones I always eat (e.g. Popeyes) but it taste REALLY good. I liked the taste of it a lot, very 香 and you can taste a very yummy thick and creamy potato that makes you take one bite after another. Hoho. Drools. 

As for the chicken, the meat is REALLY tender! The sauce has a faint herb/spice taste? I don't really know what it is, lol but it is a creamy taste indeed. The chicken is pretty decent too, i like the skin part a lot hahaha. The only annoying thing is that since it's half chicken or full chicken this just means......... BONES. Lol. It's pretty impossible to cut everything up nicely and the plate simply became a mess (which i get REALLY bothered about). But definitely worth the try!! 

The sausage is pretty normal but the sauce is what makes it special i guess, you get both a jam, and some mustard... Er.. Dip. Fries, on the other hand, is just.... Fries. Nothing special definitely. 

Lastly, the hory Tiramisu. Beautiful thing omg. Thick and yummy and really flavourful! I like it a lot~ but it's a bit more moussey(?) and wet inside so yeah, it kinda melts in the mouth~ must try! (Very sweet though) 

Well, in conclusion i think it's a pretty good place to go, probably should try it at least once! 4 of us went and each paid probably about $20+, pretty affordable i guess... 

Plus, from their initial store at Bugis+, they have now expanded and have more stores at other places now - Chinatown Point, Great World City, Vivo City and also Jurong Point. Pretty convenient imo, And they're opened from 11:30am to 10pm ( i think) 

Go ahead and visit their website to find out more: 

Rating: ★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★☆☆

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