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I got ambushed at Ambush.

As title. I didn't know the homodachis had a surprise for me and I honestly thought I was just gonna meet KY for dinner lmao. And then when i reach the place Takachin, Miya, Rin and Sen was there and i literally was like O_O

Ambush is good! I like Ambush food, it's pretty tasty and best part they have Rosti. I was really hungry so I picked spaghetti instead sobs ;u; the cheese sausage was a bit too salty, but the mushroom one was pretty good! It doesn't actually have a really strong mushroom taste but close enough. Pretty affordable though, that's for sure! 

Thanks guys for the surprise and the really cute alpaca www It's so white that I think i might dirty it omg. 

Now i suddenly crave for Dulcet & Studios, lol

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