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Becoming a Superstar K

Lousy title, I know I know.

Either way, went to Superstar K for Ting's birthday dinner the other day (like last last week) and spent the whole night experiencing K-style dinner and dessert for the night! It was fun because of the company, and we laughed so much. Interesting point to bring up though, was that the table next to us was a whole table of Japanese businessman, and well, I must say it was really interesting to hear people talk in Japanese in a Korean BBQ place. HAHA.

Superstar K @ Tanjong Pagar

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd Singapore 088496
t: 6224 0504

Serves: Meat and beer and Korean food. (Not Buffet-style, jsyk)
Price range: ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Rating: ★★★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★


The ventilation thing is REALLY good imo. Don't you HATE leaving a BBQ place smelling like some grease or something, but with this ventilation pipe, you'll smell just like how you walked in (sounds like some cheap advertisement huh, i know i know). 

The walls are really cute too, apparently you're given chalks to write onto the board too (if you're sitting beside the wall that is) but Nope, we did not do anything since we're lazy people like that :-)

I've never been to much Korean BBQ so I was a little surprised at how cramped the table was compared to the last place I've went, which was Ju Shin Jung opposite Haw Par Villa. But anyway, I was also quite surprised at how good the service here is. I mean, we ordered the meat and then they bring it to the table, cut the meat for us, grill it for us, and from time to time, they pop by your table and make sure your meat is cooking properly... I honestly thought we would have to do that ourselves and getting served was not in my imagination (and it makes me uncomfortable lol) 

Also, some of the Korean guys working here are quite cute (。ゝω・。)

I SWEAR THIS STEAM EGG THING IS HEAVENLY. IT LITERALLY MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH AND IT IS REALLY VERY GOOD. Anyway, This egg is a side-dish and can be "replenished" upon request. However, the lady told us there's a limit and you'll be charged for it if you order too much, so please don't consume too much of it (plus high cholesterol).  The fish cake thing is really good too, and it's a side dish too, so you can ask for seconds ^^ There's also bean sprout, potato salad, and some other sides but I didn't remember to take a photo. But i took these 2 cos' they taste awesome 'kay. 

Also, this Soy Bean Paste soup is REALLY good too. We actually ordered 2 because it was too good, lol. 

Before and After (*°∀°)=3 
The meat is delicious! Well, this is the Pork Belly meat, which is really great. Once BBQ'd, it's crispy at the sides (since it's cut thin enough) and it's really juicy too! Wrap this in your ssangchu and add in some sauce, it'll be a PERFECT bite.  (*°∀°)=3 

In general, I think Superstar K is a really good hangout? It's cosy and it doesn't stink you (important point), and the meat is really good, service is good too, my only issue is that it's a bit pricey! My friends and I spent about $30 each at the shop, but since it wasn't buffet, I guess the price was still o.........kay (i hope). I really wanted to try the soju and stuff but since we had work the next day, I kinda gave it up. But I'll be back!!!!!!!!!! WAIT FOR ME SOJU!!!!! 


After dinner, we headed down to the Korean Supermart just a couple of shops down from Superstar K! I wanted to eat some ice cream, but the one I wanted was OOS so I bought some weird looking fish instead... BUT TO MY SURPRISE DUDE IT TASTED DAMN GOOD. WHO KNEW WEIRD FISHES TASTED THIS GOOD.  

It's almost like Taiyaki or something (or maybe it is) but it's reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tasty omg. It's $2.50 but I think it was totally worth my money, I wanted another one actually LOLOLOL. It's really neat to eat (what kind of weird description is this) since it doesn't mess up and stuff, and the ice cream taste good and it's a BRILLIANT combination with that red bean i tell youuuuuuuuuu. It's sweet and really yummy!! You should try it if you see this!!! 

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