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Pizza & Pasta! @ Shakey's Pizza

A/N: Question! Is Pizza italian food or is it American food. Hmm. Also, I can't seem to settle with any blogskin and i keep changing them omg... All of them look ghey and I'm too lazy to code one for myself. I'll settle it later i guess. 

Shakey's Pizza

Here's a photo of their menu. (website is pretty useless tbh) 
Liang Court, Level 2 (177 River Valley Road, S179030) 
Serves: Pizza, Pasta, Baked Rice, Salad, Beer ^w^
Price Range: $15+++/pax and up 

Rating: ★★★★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★★☆

Here, have a photo of their set meals too: 

I wasn't able to take a photo of the whole menu, (no, i just forgot). 

I personally think if you're going there for Pizza, the personal pan pizza (4 slice) is about $10... I guess that's reasonable, but if you're going in a group, then set meal is definitely the way to go! I went with a group of friends, 4 of us in total, we took the family meal and each paid about $17+, a really good deal imo. 

The Family Meal consist of a 12" Pizza (8 slice, one flavour, add $2 to get 2 flavours), 5 chicken wings (i can't decide if they're grilled or barbecued), 2 Pasta (you can choose from any pasta, including their Premium ones), 1 salad bowl and also 1.5l of coke (or lemon tea, or i can't rmb what else they have). 

I swear we ate like pigs (no, not really). 

Enough of talking, here's the lazy IG-filtered photos: 

Caesar Salad
I personally find the sauce a bit too strong but I guess it's good! The vege are crunchy and pretty tasty! I like the bread a lot! I have no idea what's it toasted with, but probably a bit of cheese. Idk. 

Pan-fried Seafood Linguine (w/ Carbonara in the background) 
This is pretty good. 4 Prawns, 4 scallops, some chopped tomato chunks and stuff. Idk. It's tasty and the taste isn't that sick or strong. I would say it's a good one to start with! 

Carbonara Spaghetti 
REALLY THICK AND CREAMY O M G. Idk, if you're a fan of thick and creamy stuff, this salty thing would really suit your taste buds, but I'm not a fan of strong tastes so I guess this was REALLY sick after a while. Thank god we shared this among 4, or I'll die eating this plate alone.

Chic Wings 
No idea why is it called "Chic" wings, or was it just a "chic"ken pun but either way. I think these are grilled? They aren't fried, that's for sure... Hmm. But anyway, It's pretty okay... Nothing special imo.. And that sauce in the middle... Is just black pepper sauce lol.  We didn't bothered dipping the sauce, but I did taste it, nothing special either, but I guess you can use it as dressing for those greens at the side? ^ ^;;

12" Twin Pizza - Classic Hawaiian & Mushroom Mania 
We're probably idiots for ordering their normal flavours but hey, we love normal flavours. 
Caution: The cheese hardens really fast if you don't eat it quick so you should REALLY eat it while it's hot, no kidding. We left this for the last and it's really hard D: But i like the bread though, it's nice. Also, I think they're pretty generous with their toppings, you can taste the ham/mushroom every mouth so I guess that's a really commendable thing. 

1.5l Self-Service Coke Bottle
This photo is actually unnecessary  but I thought that it looked cute.

Lesson to be learnt: We ate the spaghetti first before eating the pizza... WRONG MOVE. If you guys ever go there, eat it in this manner: Salad > Pizza > Spaghetti > Wings > Coke. (jkjk about the coke part actually)

The spaghetti is really flavourful, and by the time we finished the spaghetti, all of us were full already, and then since we took some time to eat the spaghetti, the pizza has turned slightly cold too (aka the cheese has hardened :< ) 

But for a full meal like this, the pizza and pasta is really filling and tasty, the salad is fresh too, and the price is definitely safe for wallet-kun (or -chan if you want it that way) I would think that you can give this place a try if you're in Liang Court! 


  1. I think all your reviews gonna be about stores at liang court LOL

    1. My friend just told me the same thing actually.. I should put my blog title as life @ liang court instead...