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(song rec) 古川本舗 「魔法 feat.ちょまいよ」

魔法 (Magic / Mahou) is a really beautiful song written by 古川本舗 and vocals is by one of my favourite nicodouga singer (utaite 歌い手) Chomaiyo (ちょまいよ)! If you guys are familiar with Vocaloid-producers, you probably seen his name somewhere before, if you hadn't, then just listen to this song as a song (lol). 

The MV is based on "A Perfect Day to Bananafish", a short story by  J. D. Salinger. It's a really deep story, and a really deep MV tbh, but I lost the links to the explanations and stuff so I'll dig those up next time. 

Above is the Faulty Day ver where the main dude didn't die - and since he didn't, it wasn't a perfect day. 

Below is the Perfect Day ver. and also translated: 

I sincerely hope you guys will love this song because I loved it a lot, and I looped it like crazy (lol) And I really how the whole MV looked too. Please listen to this if you have the time ^^

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