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Lazy Sunday ☆

Went to Liang court to pick up my manga, had Dulcet & Studio as usual (this is like a ritual already) and DAMN THEY ADDED NEW STUFF FOR THEIR SPRING MENU URGH. But due to time constraint we weren't able to try the newer items and ate back the Black Pig Pasta D:

Japanese class was fun today, sensei joked around a lot more and it seems he's more comfortable with us now but he still ask me if I'm cold everytime i end up sneezing like crazy in class (i'm sorry it's just sinus ;;). The more i study formally, the more i realized what I think I know is actually pretty useless stuff lol. So muj h for randomly self-learning for the past few years oops.

After class, went to Menya Musashi @ Orchard Ion. Hadn't had it in a long time and I must say I still don't quite like it. Hmm maybe it's cos their noodles are pretty soft and soggy? And also the broth are pretty thick ;A; i do prefer harder noodles and well... Not-so-thick soup base? Hahaha. But the meat is great and it's really spicy enough!

Here's i've attached a photo of the Red Shabu Shabu ramen i ate lololol

Shall blog about my KBBQ trip to Superstar K in the next post since there's a lot of photos (okay maybe just 5-6??)

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