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To collagen or not to collagen, that's the question.

The question is: Does collagen works, or does it not work? Is it necessary, or is it redundant?

I guess best way to find out is to buy small packs like this, try if collagen works for you, before you proceed to buy for long-term consumption. So, to experiment it myself, (no, more like i was in Wastons and the package looks cute and it was affordable like sgd16.90) so i caved in a bought myself a 1 week pack to try if it works!

My friend did say that when she consumed collagen, she had a pimple breakout, but i didn't seem to experience that after my consumption, so it's probably that my skin is really horrible, or maybe this thing just have different effects on different people. Maybe some people desperately needs it, maybe some don't.

Which once again justified my impulsive buy-- I mean, to try the 1 week pack first :)

I think the brand is Collagen C, by Otsuka Group. (<< obviously impulsive buy) 

I bought the passion fruit flavour that is more for elasticity and radiance because I preferred passion fruit over the other flavours (what a way to decide) and there's another 2 flavours, one more for firming, another more for anti-aging (i think it was pear).

Either way, i think the jelly is really yummy!!! It's slightly sour but i really liked the taste :)

As for the results, some things I noticed after consuming this jelly for 1 week:
1. uneven skin-tone improved
2. pores & pimple scars are less obvious now

* as a point of reference, when I was eating this, my usual routine stayed the same; my usual cleansing foam and moisturizer so there's no other variables i guess...? 

I did want to include pictures, but turns out my iPhone camera quality was so crappy you can't even tell the difference of before and after and so I gave up because I can't turn back time to take a photo of my skin 1 week ago.

Anyway, I don't know if I'll continue consuming this yet since it is definitely an expensive investment if  I want to eat this for long-term... but I guess I'll probably get a friend to buy me the DHC powder one when she goes to Japan! I really wanted to try that one~

Oh, and before I forget..

Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Wallet-kun just screamed. 

1 comment:

  1. I tough it was 15.000mg each pack, it's 2150mg x 7 pack, right ?
    Oh No way.. lesser than Meiji Amino Collagen 😭
    I just bought this, and they are on the way..
    a lil bit regret..