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Yummy Shampoo MACHERIE (マシェリ)

Let's talk about my favourite shampoo which my friends call "the expensive shampoo" ☆ 

But I liked it a lot! I like things that smells yummy, things that smells good and feels good after you used them. I mean... The whole point of showering is to clean and smell good, isn't it? (Maybe not, but okay). 
It is a bit steep, the 500ml conditioner and shampoo are at $19.90 each. But I think it's worth every penny :B 

ALSO I DID NOT KNOW IT WAS UNDER SHISEIDO AND WAS A GOOD PRODUCT UNTIL I BOUGHT IT AND MY FRIENDS TOLD ME (lol). I honestly really only bought this cos' the package looked SO GOOD and the smell was so awesome. It feels so luxurious, and I LOVE pampering my hair (since i dye it so often, it might die on me one day :'< ) 

Anyway, there's the moisturizing one and air feel one, and since my hair is pretty thin and all, i bought the air feel one. It's great! After washing and conditioning, my hair feels light and fluffy, and best part is it smells so good I feel so happy just from washing my hair (lol) 

I also caved in and bought their leave-on hair mist (called Aqua Energy Mist, 200ml @ $17.90): 

It's really good (and smells good - lol) for frizzy hair. Great for hair that goes haywire (jkjk) or dry really easily and stuff. It tames the hair and makes it reallyyyyy smooth AND IT SMELLS REALLY GOOD (i'm going to keep repeating this again and again and again).

They also have the hair oil, and other products for different purposes... This blogger has a more comprehensive review here with the different products and price stated so check it out.

You can get all these at Watsons! Or try neighbourhood shops like Venus or something, they do carry the shampoo and conditioner too and it's cheaper (by 5 bucks!!!!!!)

You can check out their SG Facebook page
(and their jap webby if you want:

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