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Weekend was a blast with great company (and good food).

Met up with a couple of my secondary school friends for a walk and then dinner~ It was awesome cos' I hadn't met them for months, and I've known these crazy people for years (make that 10 to be exact).

I don't really know where we went since I was just sitting in the car and stoning (lol) but the place is really nice! I love the breeze!!! And I hadn't been breathing in fresh air for a while now :< and because I'm a fail blogger, so have some random pictures of... idk "scenery"?

Nope. I really don't know where this is ^ ^ ;; 

After a good work-out (actually no, we were just strolling and camwhoring all the way but maa~), we went to Arab Street for some good food!

Halal French Cuisine, Cafe Rogue 

Too lazy to pinpoint their location, so check out their FB page: 

Price range: $10++ to $30++ 
(set dinner at $28nett) 

Rating: ★★★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★


I always thought this area is a really very fascinating area, where all the bars, shisha places are located, I swear this street is so exciting and vibrant every time I come. It makes the place really interesting in a way (but parking is a pain, just saying). 

Set Dinner is @ $28 nett - here's the deal: they said ANY main course, and there are premium main courses that goes up to $32 AND if you get the set dinner, you still pay $28 and get all the other sides too = BEST DEAL.  And cheapos (actually, just broke) people like me, will definitely order the Set dinner. Of course you can go ala carte, nobody would stop you ^ ^ 

Warning: The cheese isn't for everyone, especially for those who can't appreciate it. 3 out of 4 of us couldn't take the taste of the cheese, so please bite with caution - if you take too big a bite and realize you can't take the taste then gg to you ^^ 

THE MUSHROOM SOUP IS FANTASTIC. I liked it a lot, if only they gave me a FULL bowl of it :( But if they really did, I probably can't finish my main course so well.... Give and take i guess. Oh. Everything on the menu was in French so I can't remember what we ate anyway since.... well... They're in French

Some chicken in mushroom sauce with potato underneath. (I ate this!) It's really good, I like how flavorful every mouth was and the chicken taste good too! And I think it's really filling since there's potato underneath too. 

The following photos are what my friends ate, I didn't taste them so... But they said it was good so you guys can try it out! ^^ 

^ Lamb 

^ Salmon 

^ Beef 

Hmm. This was a pretty useless post huh. Oops? ^ ^ ;;

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