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Japanese Western Food Review: Dulcet & Studio

A/N: I was pretty sure I might ditch this blog anytime since I'll be too lazy to update, but I think I have to start it off by pimping my favourite japanese western restaurant... I think it's japanese western, or maybe it's pure western, i don't know. But definitely, it's affordable good food and Wallet-kun definitely screams lesser when we go there. 

Dulcet & Studio 

image credit to their Facebook (link below)
177 River Valley Road #01-41/42 Liang Court, Singapore, Singapore 179030
Serves: Main course, desserts
Price Range: $10-30+/-

Rating: ★★★★★
Wallet-kun Safety Rating: ★★★★☆


Dulcet & Studio, located in Liang Court (nearest MRT Clarke Quay), was introduced by a really good friend of mine and after I went there once, I got REALLY hooked on it. I swear I couldn't stop talking about it, and my friends literally rolled their eyes at me when they found out that I went back there to eat again and again, and again (meanies). I think it's a Japanese western restaurant but I can't be sure (lol noob me).

They have main courses, like steak, and also pasta, and also some finger foods, salads, soups and the most important thing of all - DELICIOUS CAKES. Their menu might just be a little limited, but they're all good food and taste good so I guess all is fine. They actually have their menu uploaded so check it out:

PLUS, the price is relatively cheap. Probably ranging from $10-$30 unless you go for some high quality beef (which I don't eat btw) and there is no service charge and GST is inclusive in their price stated (very important point, that's why i bold it) so GOOD DEAL. I think it is a subsidiary of Tampopo but no, I can't confirm and chop on that so yeah.

Main courses are usually less than $20. In fact, the pasta are all $11-13ish, and then the steaks are more expensive, depending on the parts (i don't beef so I don't really know which part are more expensive tbh) and cakes are usually 4-5ish, maybe $6 for those fully creamed ones, and some other cheaper ones - the cheapest is their Tea Time Cake (photo below) which cost ONLY $2!!!!! They also have pudding, cup cakes, and some other stuffs too.

The ambiance there is really nice, it's a really homely, comfy kind of place to dine at... There isn't much people usually, the chair is comfy, (there's sofas seats for those who're just there for desserts and tea) and the decorations are really nice (there's a lot of cat wall stickers tbh). They usually play English pop, usually the old songs, but there was once I went and they were playing KPOP lol. PLUS. I think I really like the staffs there? Well, they're really friendly and helpful, especially this aunty who told me about the Top-up soup size thing.

Oh yeah, they have this $4 (or was it $6.........) top-up option, where you can get a small cup of their express soup (it's shot size really) with a salad to go along with your main. Really cheap add-on, but I do prefer their older menu's top-up options :(

Anw, here comes the most exciting part!! Photos!!! (Not really that exciting but at least you'd know what I've eaten ^ ^ )

Bacon & Mushroom Pasta 
(idk if this is the real name for it lol)

Bacon very crispy! I would recommend eating it with the pasta cos' if you eat the bacon alone, it's really salty. (okay, I admit, i'm a weirdo who eats the meat and pasta separately) I liked the sauce a lot though :)

Fish and Chips
It was quite filling tbh. The fries are really nice, and I like the fish too, but I guess it's a really normal thing that you can eat elsewhere too, so I really think you shouldn't go all the way here and just eat Fish n Chips, lol.

BLACK Pig Bolognese Pasta (Chef Recommended, lol) 
THE PASTA IS GREAT. I love that it's Black Pig and it's minced and cooked REALLY nicely, it's not too runny and it's not really dry. The pasta taste really good and it's really filling. Oh, and it comes with a salad which I took a picture of, haha. I have no idea what's inside actually.. I think there's oranges, corn, tomatoes, vegetables, and the sauce is some orangy-sauce which is very refreshing! 

Matcha Chiffon Cake 
THE CREAM IS GREAT. Matcha smell is not that strong so I guess if you're a hardcore fan of matcha, this cake might be a bit disappointing since the cream is the main lead here. 

Strawberry Short Cake (RECOMMENDED)
I SWEAR THIS CAKE IS WONDERFUL. THE CREAM IS WONDERFUL. I like how fluffy their cakes are, and this is DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED. I mean it, it's really fluffy and every mouth you'll taste the cream, the fluffy cake and the strawberries. I can't get enough of this. 

Rose Chiffon Cake (taste like Bandung)
It really taste like Bandung. If you like Bandung, this would be your cake. Sadly, I don't like Bandung. 

..... I think this was Milk Tea Pudding(?) (without the syrup)
There's 4 basic pudding - Milk Tea, Milk, Custard, and Coffee. Each pudding comes with a different syrup (?) some caramel, some milk, some cream... I don't rmb which is for which. Either way, the pudding is really thick and flavourful but it does get a bit sick if you're not a fan of sweet stuff (aka me). They used to have as an top-up option for main course, but they changed it already :( 

Choco & Vanilla Tea Time Cake 
MY FAVOURITE CHEAP AND DELICIOUS CAKE. Well, it isn't really cake-cake, but it's still a cake. It's REALLY fluffy, and the insides are all just cream and CREAM. The same cream used on their chiffon cakes so it's really yummy. BEST THING, IT IS ONLY $2!!!!! Wonderful. 

Something Chicken 
This is a new item after their menu change (their current menu has been updated and more food added) And no, I don't rmb the name for this main. But this Chicken is great! It's really juicy, and there's actually mushroom sauce at the bottom, the chicken is grilled with some sauce on the top, and then also a bit of mustard in between, every mouth is flavourful and really good! AND THAT POTATO THING AT THE SIDE IS DELICIOUS, it's baked and crispy at the edge. I swear if they sold it as a side, I would SO buy it >8( 

Okay, that's all I've eaten so far (actually maybe not, just that I don't have photos anymore) but this is how many damn times I've been to this restaurant, or cafe, or however you wanna call it. Bless me. 

Anyway, I would say that with the food and everything, Dulcet & Studio is probably one of the really affordable Japanese Western restaurant that I frequent, and I think you should definitely visit if you're in the area! (There's Kinokuniya on Level 3 *wink wink*) The food is good, the CAKES ARE DELICIOUS and it's safe for Wallet-kun too ;-) 

Till the next post then, if it happens.